Constantia Glen TWO 2019

Don’t tell me, show me. Winemaker Justin van Wyk of Constantia Glen understands this wisdom – I recently tasted a 9-year vertical of the TWO, starting with the 2011, and ending with the current release, 2019. Astonishing freshness and longevity was the order of the day, the wines as they age retain that brightness but also become waxier, nuttier, more complex. Natural blending partners, sauvignon and semillon beg to be together; the majority of Constantia’s 421 hectares is planted to sauvignon, with a fair amount of complementary sites of high quality semillon. The aromatic exuberance and high acidity of sauvignon is tempered by the richness of semillon, the acidity of the sauvignon to carries the wine, with the semillon providing texture, mouthfeel and additional ageing potential to the blend. Fill your cellar with the 2019, it is only going to get better; full of vitality, the wine is cool and composed with aromatics of blossom and white pear, the palate, all coiled minerality and tension. The secret of a long, happy marriage? It’s takes two. 290 (93)